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Question: 7 a 300 mm solution of cacl2 is what percent...

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7. A 300 mM solution of CaCl2 is what percent concentration? 8. Sodium ions found in the extracellular fluid at a concentration of 150 mM. How many grams per lite is this?8/L 9. An 11.7% solution of NaCl is what osmolar concentration? Osm 10. A 0.9% solution of NaCl is considered isotonic to mammalian cells. what molarity is this? _ _ M 11. What percent concentration of KCI would be isotonic to body cells?- . % - 12, A 33% solution of CaCl2 would be what osmolarity? Osm 13. You want to make 500 mL of an isotonic glucose solution to infuse into a patient. How much glucose do you need? 14. Potassium ion concentration in the interstitial fluid is 5 mEq/L. What milligrams percent concentration is this? mg%
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