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Question: 7 a viroid is an a complete infectious virus particle...

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7) A viroid is a(n) A) complete, infectious virus particle. B) infectious piece of RNA without a capsid. C) capsid without nucleic acid. D) provirus E) infectious protein. 8) Which of the following statements is FALSE? A) A prophage is phage DNA inserted into a bacterial chromosome. B) A prophage can pop out of the chromosome. C) Prophage genes are repressed by a repressor protein coded for by the prophage. D) A prophage may result in new properties of the host cell E) The prophage makes the host cell immune to infection by other phages. 9) Lysogeny can result in all of the following EXCEPT A) immunity to reinfection by the same phage. B) acquisition of new characteristics by the host cell. C) immunity to reinfection by any phage. D) specialized transduction. E) phage conversion. 10) Which of the following would be the first step in biosynthesis of a virus with a -(minus strand of RNA? A) synthesis of DNA from an RNA template B) synthesis of double-stranded RNA from an RNA template C) synthesis of double-stranded RNA from a DNA template D) transcription of mRNA from DNA E) synthesis of DNA from a DNA template 11) An infectious protein is a A) bacteriophage. B) prion. C) retrovirus. D) viroid. E) papovavirus 12) An envelope is acquired during which of the following steps? A) penetration B) adsorptiorn C) uncoating D) biosynthesis E) release
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