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7. Consider a gas with the equation of state P(V - bn)explan/ RTV) -nRT where a and b are constants and R is the gas constant (exp stands for the exponential function e). a) Express the equation of state in terms of the molar volume, Vm VIn b) Find the critical pressure Pc, critical temperature Te, and critical molar volume Vnc in terms of only a, b, and R. (A function (x) has a critical point whenever dfldx -0. If you look at the CO2 isotherm denoted 31.04°C on p. 9 of the Chapter 1 lecture notes or the 31.013°C isotherm on the old actual experimen- tal data on p. 10, you can see that the slope of the critical isotherm is negative on either side of the critical point. Hence the function (aPlaVm)r is a maximum at the critical point so (arav raPaVm)T (p? Pavar = 0 and the critical point is actually an inflection point.) mm.C
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