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7. The company at which Mark is employed has 80 employees, each of whom has a difteren salary. Marks salary of $43,700 is the second-highest salary in the first quatile of the 80 salaries If the company were to hire 8 new employees at salaries that are less than the lowest of the 80 salaries, what would Marks salary be with respect to the quartiles of the 58 salaries at the company, assuming no other changes in the salaries? A. The fourth-highest salary in the frst quartie B. The highest salary in the first quartie C. The second-lowest salary in the second quartle D. The third-lowest salary in the second quartle E. The tifth-lowest salary in the second quartile 8. What is the least positive integer that is not a factor of 25! and is not a prime number? A. 26 B. 28 C. 36 D. 56 E. 58 9. P Q, and R are three points in a plane, and R does not lie on ine PQ. Which of the following is true about the set of all points in the plane that are the same distance from all three points? A. It contains no points B. It contains one point C. It contains two points D. It is a line E. It is a circle. 10. A student made a conjecture that for any integer n, the integer 4n +3 is a prime number. Which of the following values of n could be used to disprove the students conjecture? Indicate all such values A. 1 B. 3 С. 4 D. 6 E. 7 11. By weight, liquid A makes up 8 percent of solution R and 18 percent of solution S. I 3 grams of solution weight of the resulting solution? R are mixed with 7 grams of solution S, then liquid A accounts for what percent of the A 10% B. 13% C. 15% D. 19% E, 26% 12. Approximately what percent of the faculty in humanities are maie? A, 35% B. 38% C. 41% D. 45% E. 51%
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