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7. This problem came from the video by Mr. Jacobsen, the 6th grade teacher that we saw in class. (Mr. Jacobsen, Introduction to Statistics, a video found on YouTube at itu m99g) The table shows the ages of some people who retired early Ages 60 61 59 60 62 56 64 59 58 60 61 60 59 60 58 61 You are asked, How old are people who retire early? (a) Is this a statistical question? Explain (b) Display the data in a dot plot. Identify any clusters, peaks, or gaps in the data (c) Use the distribution of the data to answer the original question. (20 points) 8. Write a 250 300 word essay that answers the following questions. Make sure to cite all sources, including the textbook or other sources, used in writing your essay. In writing the essay, an occasional cited quotation may be used, but the majority of the essay should be written in your own words. (a) Define the word statistics and explain the definition in detail. You may pick one of the definitions we saw in the book, or you may come up with your own based on your research, but in any case give us the definition vou believe summarizes the of statistics the best. (b) Explain how statistics can be useful to society by discussing two different, non engineering applications of statistics. You should look at references, but you must cite all your references carefully (c) Now do some more research and write about an engineering application of statistics of your choice meaning and importance

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