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Question: 7 what is the decolorizer for the acid fast stain...

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7. What is the decolorizer for the Acid Fast stain? (1 point) Acid Alcoho You have performed a Gram stain on an unknown microbe and you see that it is pink cocci (the controls were perfect). a. What is the Gram reaction of this microbe? (1 point) 8. b. If you performed a Spore stain on that microbe. what-woutd you expect to see (colors morphology, etc)? (1 point) aiut per t c. Would performing an Acid Fast Stain tell you anything you anything mong Whv.er Whu.n? (a points) 8. List the reagents in order for doing a Gram stain on an already heat fixed smear. (3 points) 9. Would you expect human cells to be Acid Fast? Why or why not? (2 points) 11. Why do we have to steam in the stain for the Acid Fast and Spore Stains? (1 point) 12. What material is in the cell wall of Acid Fast Microbes that makes them so hard to staint 14. What color will Escherichia coll be in a spore stain? (1 point) point) Extra Credit: Correctly spell and format the name of the microbe for point each: Name the microbe that aria. the common cold Name the organism that freque
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