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7. What is the work done by the club on the (B) m(sin) (C) 1m(vcosの2 constant speed with a pull fonce Fut that is at an angle of 8 with respect to the horizontal, as shown ia the figure above. The force of friction acting on the block has magnitade What is the magsitude of F S. A block of mass Af is being pulled to the right at What is the maximum height above the Moons surface attained by the ball? (B) fsine the Moon.s ss (C f ⓑ //cos. FroG-R, Questions 6-8 An astronaut hits a golf ball of mass m on the Moon, where there is no atmosphere and the acceleration due to gravity is g/6, where g is the acceleration due to gravity on Earth. Assume that the golf club is in contact with the ball for a time t. Just after losing contact with the club, the ball has an initial speed v directed at an angle θ (D) (winの2 2g (E) 6[te判っ above the horizontal. 6. What is the magnitude of the average force exerted by the club on the ball during contact? 9. The potential energy U as a function of the position x of an object is given by U(x)--400/x, where U is in joules and x is in meters. The object is released from rest at position x 30 m and is free to move along the x-axis. When the object has moved a distance of 10 m from its initial position, the magnitude of the force associated with this potential energy function is (B) mv cosB (A) 20 N (B) 10 N (C) 4.0N (D) 1.0N (E) 0.25 N
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