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DİRCISES 1.1 Endpoints of a diameter AI4, -3) and B-2,7 60 61-66: Find an equation of the line that satisfies al Find the diameter of the second tablet so that its the given conditions 61 Through A5,-3, stope4 62 Through A1,4); slope i s x-intercept 4y-intercept-3 surface area is equal to that of the first tablet. b) Find the volume of each tablet. 76 A manufacturer of tin cans wishes to construct a right circular cylindrical can of height 20 centimeters and of capacity 3000 cm (see figure). Find the inner radius r of the can EXERCISE 76 Through AK5, 2) and Bl-1,4 6s Through A2, -4 parallel to the line 5x 2y-4 s Through Al7. -3perpendicular to the line 2x -Sy 8 Eser. 67-68: Find an equation for the perpendicular bisector of AB 67 413,-1, B-2, 6) Exer. 69-72: Sketch the graphs of the lines and find their 20 cm 68 A(4, 2), B-2,10 69 2x+3y 2:x-2y-8 70 4x+Sy-13; 3xy 712x+5y-16; 3x-»-24 77 Shown in the figure is a simple magnifier consisting of a convex lens.The object to be magnified is positioned so that its distance p from the lens is less than the focal length f. The linear magnification M is the ratio of the image size to the object size. It is shown in physics that M- jf-p). If f 6 cm, how Ear should the object be placed from the lens so that its image appears at least three times as large? 司73 Approximate the coordinates of the point of intersection of the lines l 74 Approximate the smallest root of the following equaEXERCISE 77 tion: x (6.7 x 10x+1.08-0. To avoid caleulating a zero value for this root, rewrite the quadratic formula lmage Object 7s The rate at which a tablet of vitamin C begins to dissolve depends on the surface area of the tablet. One brand of tablet is 2 centimeters long and is in the shape of a cylin der with hemispheres of diameter 0.5 centimeter attached to both ends (see figure). A second brand of tablet is to be manufactured in the shape of a right circular cylinder 78 As the altitude of a space shuttle increases, an astro- nauts weight decreases until a state of weightlessness is altitude of x kilometers above sea level is given by W-125 6400+ x of altitude 0.5 centimeter EXERCISE 75 achieved. The weight of a 125-pound astronaut at an 12 6400 0.5 cm At what altitudes is the astronauts weight less than 5 pounds? 79 The braking distance d (in fect) of a car traveling e mi/hs that result in braking distances of less than 75 feet. 80 For a drug to have a beneficial effect, its concentration is approximated by d-+(e/20). Determine velocities 0.5 cm in the bloodstream must exceed a certain value, the
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