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Four cards are chosen at random from a deck of 52 cards without replacement What is the probability of choosing a King, a Queen, a Jack Question 7 and a ten in order? Question 9 License Plate Numbers Many states offer license plates which a persoe may choose the letters and wambers on it choose words or phrases with some meaning for them. Sometimes randomly generated license plates have sequences of numbers or ketters that might be offiensive or have a separate meaning. If the license plates in a particular stane consist of four letters followed by three numbers, what is the probabiliay that a randomly generated plate ends in the numbers STOP911 Question I0 Use a troe diagrams to illustrabe the possible clothing selections In the diagram, use B-Bue Pants Top and B Black Skirt to repeesent the soko artist played on air. And S Whine Top, S ●Pink top, s-Back Top ran.. Pan.. PiS). 3, PiSJ-6,P(Iy-1, what is the peobably of selecting the Black Skirt and Pink Top?
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