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Question: 8 q10 tensile testing of several steel alloys are done...

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8% Q.10.) Tensile testing of several steel alloys are done in the R&D department of an automotive industry. However, the results of the testing was mixed. Can you match the test results given in Table A with the alloys given in Table B? TABLE.A. Test Results Your Selection No Test Results UTS MPa) 1600 1200 600 420 Yield Strength (MPa 1050 370 300 % Elongation 190 15% 2690 32% TABLE.B. MATERIALS IN STOCK Materials | 0.18%C plain carbon steel annealed B | 0.4%C + 1%Cr steel (Quenched and then t C | 0.4%C steel cooled in air D 0,4%C+ 1%Cr steel (Quenc at 520C for 2 hrs 20% 04) A polymer named polyfostrin is very cheap and can be used for packaging of frozen food. (a) Which property ofthe polymer is more important for this application? Yield Strength (r) or transition temperatueTg? The is more important. Beacuse (b) You are requested to find the yield strength and Tg of this polymer seperately. Which testing method(s) would you select, in order to find these properties ? I would apply testing to find ơy. On the other I would apply polymer testing to find Tg of this

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