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8. Triglycerides a) use glycerol as the backbone of the molecule b) are transported in the plasma bound to lipoproteins c) have three fatty acids thst may have different chain lengths within the same molecule d) All the above (a, b and c) are correct 9 In protein synthesis a) cighty different amino acids can be used to make a protein b) water is added when two amino acids are joined in a peptide bond c) any combination of amounts of each amino acid and sequence is allowed d) All the above (a, b and c) are cosrect 10 Froteins that contain long sequences of amino acids with hydrophobic side chains a) would be expected to fold into a three dimensional structure with the hydrophobic amino acids associated with each other b) might be integrated into cell membranes e) would be expected to interact with organic solvents such as ethanol, methanol, etc. d) All the above a, b and c) are correct, 1. Acidic amino acids a) include glutamic acid and aspartic acid b) may effect protein strxcture through ionic interactions c) have ionizable si of the surrounding de chains that will have different charges depending on the pi d) All the above (a, b and c) are correct 12. Genetic information a) is encoded and carried from generation to generation in the form of proteins b) must be incorporated into complex carbohydrates in the process of transcription c) is the same in all cells of the body even though cells appearance and function differ d) is carried by compounds embedded in the cell membrane 13. Nucleotides, a) consist of a phosphate group, 5-carbon sugar and an organic nitrogenous base b) are the building blocks for DNA and RNA c) are synthesized throughout the life of an organism d) All the above (a, b and c) are correct. a) are called nucleic acids because they only exist in the nucleus of the cell b) have hydrogen bonds that dictate pairing of cytosine to guanine and adenine to thymine (or uracil in 14. Nucleic acids RNA) c) contain a 6 carbon sugar (glucose) d) All the above (a, b and c) are correct

15. T he molecule that serves as the immediate energy source for most chemical reactions within the cell is a) Adenosine diphosphate (ADP) b) Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) c) Adenosine monophosphate (AM d) sucrose 16. Resting membrane potentia a) is only present in nerve and muscle b) is established by differences in ion permeability leading to slight excess of positive charges on the outside of the membrane compared to the inner membrane c) is present in dead cells d) All the above (a, b and c) are correct. 17. The cell organelle that packages material for secretion to the outside of the cell is the a) Golgi apparatus b) lysosome c peroxisome d. mitochondrion 18. Glanxds that secrete products into the blood stream are classified as b) holocrine c) endocrine d) exocrine 19 Plasma mermbrane junctions that occur at discrete sites on epithelial cells and provide cytoplasmic continuity between cells are termed: a) desmosomes b) gap junctions c) tight junctions d) loose eytoplasmic jurctions 20 Cells that are exposed to hypotonis solutions will show a) net loss of water b) net gain of water c) neither net loss nor net gain of water by the cells d) net gain of sodium by the cells 21 Plasma membrane junctions that prevent movement of materials between intercellular spaces along the lateral boundaries of cells of an epithclial layer are termed b) pap junctions c) tight junctions d) interstitial nexus junctions

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