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Question: 80 70 cla o60 50 silty clay 40 sandy clay...

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80 70 cla O60 50 silty clay 40 /sandy clay 30 clay loam silty clay sandy clay loam 20 loam 10 sandy loam silt loam silt san percent sand According to this diagram, a loam soil would have roughly: O 20% clay, 70% silt, and 20% sand O 70% clay, 20% silt, and 20% sand 10% clay, 90% silt, and 70% sand 20% clay, 40% silt, and 40% sand
슬 canvas.umn.edu Question 7 2 Which of the following is NOT a common feature of temperate forests and tropical dry forests? O Distinct seasons O Deciduous trees O Animals that migrate Above freezing year-round Question 8
26.9°С 1,473 mm 300 -100 40 30 20- 10 80 -60 -40 20 JF M A MJ J A S O N D Month In the climate diagram shown above, what is the primary difference in the climate between November - May and June - October? O Cold in the former, warm in the latter OSlightly less precipitation in the former than in the latter OPrecipitation exceeds evaporation in the former, reverse in the latter Evaporation exceeds precipitation in the former, reverse in the latter
Land Mountains Marshes ■Water Forest -Roads -Rivers Wind Grey Havens The Shire Bree The Great Sea In the map above, assume that this fictional land is much like Earth. Given the prevailing winds coming off the Great Sea and the topography, as indicated, what kind of habitat would be MOST likely to occur in The Shire? (If you are familiar with this fantasy world, forget what you know about The Shire.) O Desert ○Tundra O Grassland Forest
Mercury 0.1 Mars 25 Venus Earth 23 Jupiter 3° Saturn 27 Uranus 98° 30° As shown above, the planet Venus rotates in the opposite direction of the Earth. If a large cloud started moving north from the equator on Venus, in which direction would it appear to travel when viewed by an observer on the planets equator? O It would travel straight north O There are no clouds on Venus O It would curve to the right O It would curve to the left
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