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Page The patient has an MRI. MRI is a diagnostic imaging tool to visualize soft tissue injuries inside the body. An MRI takes an image along which anatomical plane? 8. The MRI shows a small tumor in the right hypochondriac region. In regards to directional terminology 9. The tumor The tumor is to the stomach. to the right lung 10. The patient has a biopsy of the tumor. The biopsy shows that the tumor is malignant cancer. Cancer is usually caused by a mutation of the DNA. This mutation often occurs during cell division as the chromosomes are duplicated. If this cancer was caused by a mutation that occurred during cell division, which of the four types of tissue is most susceptible to this mutation? Explain why. What are the three stages of cell division? Which stage of cell division did this mutation occur during? 11. 12. What cellular organelle contains the DNA (chromosomes)? In addition to that organelle, what is the other organelle that plays an important role in cell division? A mutation is an alteration in the normal sequence of DNA. Observe the following DNA sequences: 13. 1st sequence TAG ATC 2nd sequence CTA 3rd sequence CAT 4th sequence GAG Strand 1: Strand 2: СТС GAT CTA In which sequence is there a mutation? A malignant cancer is one that spreads to other areas of the body. Part of the reason that cancer cells can spread is the ability of a cancer cell to attach to another cell. Which protein in the plasma membrane is best suited to help 14. the cancerous cell attach to other cells? #8,10,11,12,14
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