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84. are marine multicellular protists belonging to the farger brown algae. They are responsible for most of the food production through photosynthesis in regions where they occur 85. The cell walls of fungi are made up of polysaccharides and 86. The symbiotic relationship between green algae or cyanobacteria and fungi are 87. All plants exhibit of generations of diploid sporophytes with haploid 88. In plants the sporophyte generation does not produce as a result of meiosis. 89. seed leaves are also called 90. Most flatworms are meaning each individual containing both male and female sxual structures. 91.solid worms that lack a body caity 92. Members of the classoctopuses, squids, and nautilus are the most intelligent of the invertebrates. 93. Leeches along with other oligochaetes possess an organ called a which secretes a cocoon specialized to receive the eg8 94. The respiratory organ in the Arachinid, spider is called 95. In addition to sound, nearly all insects communicate by means of chemicals or mixtures of chemicals known as 96.- n addition to containing two pairs antennae, also have legs on their abdomen and thorax, symmetrical animals with a five-part body 97. Echinoderms are plan. 98. Most bony fishes have a hard plate on each side of the head called the That covers the gills. 一一meaning that they can regulate their 99. Birds like mammals are_ body temperatures within close limits. 100. All vertebrates have a heart and aln)circulatory system of blood vessels
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