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8令78% ), Sun 8:44 PM a )E () a Your Orders x sg.edu/d21m Aquizzi gus attempt quiz start-a☆ i Quizzes- Electronic Circuits & x ☆ ← . C :: Apps (9 KSU D2L e https://ken esa vie G Privacy error Apple Ksu email ENGR 211 Solutions Week One HW Est. Length: 20000 Erick Herculano: Attempt 2 R1 R2 R3 R4 RS R6 In the circuit above, R1 . 22 Ω. R2-33 Ω, R3-56 Ω, R4-4702, RS 82 and R6-56 . Determine the total resistance between points A and B by combining series and paralle resistors RAB 34.85 Ω RAB-41.29 Ω RAB-87-11 Ω RAB-157.2 Ω ws 1 39 Question 2 (4 points)
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