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9. How are sharks different from the rest of the vertebrates pictured in the cladogram? 10.What trait is shared by frogs, humans, hares, caimans, and parrots? 11.Which feature do humans, hares, caimans, and parrots share that the other lineages did not inherit? a.) bony skeleton b.) hair c.) amniotic egg 12.Which of the tetrapods have an opening in the skull in addition to those openings for the eye, nose, and mouth? a.) hare and crocodile b.) frog and hare c.) bird and crocodile 13.Use the cladogram in the online activity to complete the following chart. If the species possesses the trait, place a + in the appropriate box. If the species does not possess the character, place a O in the box. If we cannot determine whether the species possesses the trait or not, place a ? in the box CHARACTERI SHARK TUNA FROG HUMAN 1 HARE İ CATMAN PARROT | T.REX Vertebrae Bony Skeleton Four limbs Amniotic Egg Hair Opening in front of eye Created by Dr. Jennifer Knapp and Revhert hr Or
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