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9. If FA 40 N, FB 20 N, Fo 50 N, d 4 m, and d2 4m (a) (2 marks) Based on the number of members and joints, show that the truss is stable. (b) (3 marks) Identify zero-force members in this truss, and draw a free body diagram. (c) (6 marks) Show and compute the external reaction forces at the supporting points C and D, and find the forces in all the truss members using the method of joints. (d) 2 marks) Hence, identify the members in the truss that experience tension or compres- sion Assume that the truss has a negligible weight.
8. The smooth rod in the figure below has a weight of Fu 40 N and tilted at an angle 0-30 This weight acts through the centre of mass of the rod which is located at d = 20 rn away from the ends of the rod. A fixed post is supporting the rod at q = 10 m away frorn the left end of the rod as shown. (a) (2 marks) Draw a free-body diagram. (b) (2 arks) Find the magnitude of the compres sive contact force exerted on the rod by the fixed post A (c) (2 marks) Find the r and y components and the magnitude of the hinge pin force at B (d) (2 marks) Express the results in parts (b) and (c) in formal Cartesian vector notation.
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