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Question: 9 lm cy substrate in excess moles 4 oxygen consumed...

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9 LM Cy substrate in excess Moles 4 oxygen Consumed 300 Cytc 45 15 10 20 30 50 2 6 Seconds μ M Cytoch me c Oxidase E 40 3 2 10 M Cytochrome c 6. In the top left graph 6 uM of the enzyme Cytochrome c Oxidase was provided with two different concentrations of the substrate cytochrome c, and oxygen consumption was measured to show enzyme rate The top right graph is a standard curve for cytochrome oxidase in the conditions used for all of these experiments. Please use this data to answer the questions below What are the units for oxygen consumption for the Michaelis Menten and standard curve? Sketch a Michaelis-Menten graph of 6uM cytochrome c Oxidase activity using the axes provided above What is the Km of Cytochrome c Oxidase in these conditions!? If a competitive activator were added to 4uM cytochrome c oxidase the Vmax would be Cyanide is a non-competitive inhibitor of Cytochrome c Oxidase. What Km would you expect if you treated 4uM cytochrome oxidase with enough cyanide to lower the enzymes Vmax to 40 units of activity?

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