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Question: 9 marks 2 justin timberlake had a 4 month internship...

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(9 MARKS) (2) Justin Timberlake had a 4 month internship at TRU a few years ago ( i good thing he focused on his singing over his chemistry...) He wanted to compound JT (shown in the box) starting from compounds J and T but never out well. make could get the reactions to work. Clearly and in detail show all the synthetic steps roquired (including appropriate reagents, solvents etc.) to help this nice fellow to successfully synthesize the desired molecule using the starting materials shown. OH HO HO from compound J and compound T

(10 MARKS) (3) Show a complete and detailed stepwise mechanism for the formation of the indicated products in the following reaction. Use the conventional curved arrow notation to the flow of electrons for each step in the mechanism. illustrate OH strong HBr Br ls it structure that has a cyclobutene iniz? Show and explam possible to cad up with

(7 MARKS) (4) Identify all the products possible when 2-bromo-3-methylbutane is dissolved in a lab overnight. mixture of 75% acidic water and 25% methanol and left in a warm

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