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9 What is a possible mRNA sequence that could encode the protein sequence M-A-G-Y-N 10. For each of the following types of mutations, will RNA or protein production or both be affected? A disabling promoter mutation A mutation in the translation start codon A mutation in the translation stop codon A mutation in the UTR A mutation outside of the gene. RNA ProtBotNeither RNA t Both Neither RNA Peot.BethNeither RNA Pot Both Neither RNA Pot Both Neither I1. What does an mRNA typicaly start with? A. ATG B. TAANTAG TGA C. AUG D. UAAUAG UGA E. It depends 12. What does the transcription machinery do when it encounters a stop codon (TAA/TAG TGA? A. Terminates transeription B. Terminates translation C. Initiates translation or transcription D. Continues transcribing 13. A researcher sequences a piece of mRNA, and finds that the sequence includes the sequence 5 UUACUGGAGUACUAGCA-3. Please draw the double-stranded DNA that gave rise to this piece of mRNA 14. Draw a gene stracture and label the promoter, UTRs, transeription start and stop, tramslation start and stop. transcribed region and translated region. IS. Draw a DNA undergoing replication, using arrows to indicate nucleotides, such a arnow)ndica a nucleotide with its 3 end at the base of the arrow and its 5 end at the tip of the arrow (as on the vido). Label the leading and lagging strands, Okazaki fragments, at least one RNA primer, the replication fork and the origin of replication. (You can just copy this from the video, but I suggest secing if you can do it from memory, like you ll have to do on the exam.) 16. Name three ways that DNA replication and RNA transcription are similar. Name three ways that they are different.
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