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9:52 Chapter 1 questions Chapter 1 review notes: 1. Minute living things that are too small to be seen with unaided eyes are generally referred to as 2. What are the types of microorganisms? 3. Write the classification of microorganisms devised by Carl Woese in 1978 4. Give some examples of prokaryotes 5, Give 6. What are some of the shapes of bacteria? 7. Who gave the cell theory? 8. One of the main composition of the bacterial cell some examples of eukaryotes wall is 9. Composition of plant and algae cell wall involves 10. Bacteria and archea reproduce by what method of cell division? 11. Does archea have peptidoglycan in their cell wall? 12. List some types of archea. 13. Is it true that fungus can be unicellular or multicellular? 14. What is the cell wall composition of fungus? 15. Most typical fungus occurs as: 16. What is the molds visible mass is called? 17. The long filament structure of mold are called as: 18. Protozoa can moves by what structures? 19. What are the types of viruses 20. Chemicals produced naturally by bacteria and fungus to treat infections are called
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