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Question: 97 x 10 3 n5 m2 consider a thin film...

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97 x 10 3 N-5 m2 Consider a thin film of water (Newtonian fluid with viscosity -0.8 between an upper plate and a lower fixed surface at a temperature of 25 °C as shown in Figure 1. The thickness of the fluid is 10 mm. Initially, the fluid is at rest. When a constant force F in the x direction is applied to the upper plate, it sets the upper plate in motion at constant velocity of 0.32 m/s. In addition, the velocity profile across the thickness of the fluid Ч. = (40 y-800 y 2 ) m l s , where y is in meters. y /s Figure 1 can be described as 1 Upper plate 0.32 m/s 10 mm H ) y Fixed surface a) Does the velocity profile equation for this fluid obey the no-slip condition? Justify your answer. b) Determine the shear stress acting on the upper plate. (Shear stress unit in mPa)

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