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Review Questions Short Answer 2. Describe the scientific method. 4. All of the following are emerging infectious diseases did Louis Pasteur belp disprove spontaneous generation? a) smallpox. b) hepatitis C c) Lyme disease. 3. Explain why life could not exist without the activities of microorganisms. 4. How is the normal microbiota important to human health? S e) mad cow disease 5. List four commercially important benefits of microorganisms. 5. All of the following are biological domains except 6. What characteristics of microorganisms make them important a) Bocteria b) Archaea. 7. List three factors that contribute to the emergence of infecProkaryot tious diseases. 8. In the designation Escherichia coli B, which part of the name 6. Which name is written correctly? indicates the genus? Which part indicates the species? Which a) staphy aurews part indicates the strain? Why are viruses not microrganisms? describe their major properties. I0, Name three non-living groups in the microbial world and Multiple Choice 7. Members of which pairing are most similar in appearance to each other? a) fungi and algae b) algae and archaca c) archaca and bacteria d) bacteria and viruses e) viruses and algae 1. The property of endospores that led to confusion in the ex iments on spontaneous generation is their a) small size. b) ability to pass through cork stoppers. heat resistance. presence in all infusions. e) presence on cotton plugs. 8. If you wanted to increase your chances of obtaining a mem ber of the Archaea (rather than a member of another domain). which would be the best site to obtain a sample? a) intestine of an elephant b) skin of an elephant c) a 95 C hot spring in Yellowstone d) a 45C hot spring in Hawai 2. The Golden Age of Microbiology was the time when a) microorganisms were first used to make bread. b) microorganisms were first used to make cheese nost pathogenic bacteria were identified a vaccine against influenza was developed. e) antibiotics became available. es were eliminated from the planet, 9. Viruses a) animals would thrive because there would be no disease b) archaea would thrive because there would be no competition for 1. contain both protein and nucleic acid. 2. infect all domains of life. 3. can grow in the absence of living cells. 4. are generally the same size as prokaryotes. c) all animals would die d) animals and archsca would thrive
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