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High-Low Cost Estimation and Simple Regression Analysis Assume we have the following observations relating to overhead costs and direct labor hours for Department A of the ABC Company 3-27 Direct Labor Hours 15 20 14 13 18 15 12 16 18 19 Overhead Costs 40 50 35 30 36 31 41 42 45
TING FOR MANAGERIAL PLANNING, DECISION MAKING, AND CON KING, AND CONTROL Required there (1) Determine the budgeted overhead costs for Department A in a month when are 13 direct labor hours if the high-low method of estimating co is used. (2) Using regression analysis determine what the budgeted overhead month when Department A should work 13 direct labor hours. cost should be in a (3) Does the regression line in (2) explain the data well? Wh y? (4) What is the range within which 95 percent of the observations shou
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