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Question: a 1 credit find po and ph ao1 31 i1...

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(a) (1 Credit) Find Po and Ph a-o1, 3-1, I1 (b) (1 Credit) Determine whether the angle θ between P and PI is acute or obtuse, or whether the vectors are orthogonal or parallel. As always, justify your answer mathematically. (A picture is not sufficient.) Acute O obtuse ○Orthogonal O Parallel (c) (1 Credit) Find a vector orthogonal to both Po and PR. (d) (1 Credit) Find the area of triangle PQR (e) (1 Credit) Find the plane through P.Q and R expressed in the form ar + by + cd (6) (1 Credit) Is the line through (1,2,3) and (2,2,3) parallel to the plane you found in part e? Justify your answer mathematically.
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