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A 12.1374 g sample of an ore containing Ni and Co was carried through Fresenius’ analytical scheme shown in Figure 1.1. At point A the combined mass of Ni and Co was found to be 0.2306 g, while at point B the mass of Co was found to be 0.0813 g. Report the weight percent Ni in the ore to the correct number of significant figures.

Figure 1.1

Original Sample Start 1:3 H2so /HNO3, 100°C for 8-10 hrs dilute w/H20, digest for 2-4 hr Solids Solutions key Pbso4, Sand Cu2+, Fe3+, Co2+, Ni2+ 14 hours dilute; bubble H2S(g) Fe3+, Co2+, Ni2+ cool, add NH digest 50°-70° for 30 min CuS 16 hours Fe(OH)3 Co2+, Ni2+ 17 hours HCl slightly acidify w/HOI heat, bubble H2S(g) neutralize w/NH3 add Na2CO3, CH3COOH Waste CoS, Nis 20 hours add aqua regia and heat add HCl until strongly acidic bubble H2S(g) basic ferric acetate Co2+, Ni2+ CuS, PbS 22 hours heat add Na,co, until alkaline add NaOH Co(OH)2, Ni(OH)2 Waste 23 hours heat H2g) mass ACo, Ni 26 hours add HNO, K2CO, KNO2 and CH3COOH and digest for 24 hours Ni2+ K Co(NO3)s 51 hours add dilute HCl Co2+ Waste 54 hours follow procedure from point above %Ni mass A -mass B x 100 58 hours mass BCo mass sample

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