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Question: a 3 phase synchronous motor rated at 200 kw 480...

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A 3 phase synchronous motor rated at 200 kW, 480 V, 60 Hz, 450 rpm is connected to a drive similar to that shown in the figure Q3. The three phase electric utility voltage is 60 V, 60 Hz. The motor runs at a speed of 535rpm. The effective terminal voltage is 511 V and the motor draws an effective line current Is of 239 A at a power factor of 95%. The motor has an efficiency of 93%. Neglecting the losses in the converters, calculate, i. The frequency applied to the stator ii. The fundamental component of the stator current Is iii. The current I flowing in the DC link iv. The firing angle a2 of converter 2 v. The voltage E2 of the DC link vi. The firing angle a,of convertor 1 vii. The reactive power supplied to converter 1 viii. The mechanical power developed by the motor converter converter2 converter 3 3-phase E 60 Hz nput settings limit settings triggering inputs Pigure Q3

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