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In golf, a players score on a hole is o if the player completes the hole in par. Par is the number of strokes in which a goifer should complete a hole. In a golt match, scores are given both as a total number of strokes taken on all holes and as a value relative to par, such as-44 under par) or +2 (2 over par) In the NEWS Duke Leads 2011 Nationwide Tour Championship With scores of 72, 68, and 700n his first three days, Ken Duke leads going into the last day of this four-day ournament. Par for the 18- hole goill course at Daniel sland in Charleston, South Carolina, is 72 oe:www.plour.com (a) See the news clipping above. Convert each of Ken Dukes scores for the first three days into a score relative to par (Enter your answers as a comma-separated st (b) In a gof tournament, a players daily scores are added. Add Ken Dukes three daily scores to find his score, rlative to par, for the fest three days of the tournament
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