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A ball of mass 0.1 kg is sliding inward through a smooth hollow tube, which is driven at a constant counterclockwise angular velocity of 3 rad/s about a horizontal axis through point O. When 0 30, the speed of the ball is 1.8 m/s relative to the tube. Determine the force (vector) provided by the tube wall on the ball. Neglect all frictions. (3pts) 1. 2. A block of mass m 0.2 kg travels with a constant speed of 0.5 m/s in a circular path around the conical body. The block is attached to a light cord hanging from vertex A. Determine the tension T in the cord and the normal force that the cone exerts on the block. (3pts) 00mm 3. A crate slides down a slope as shown in the picture. When the angle 0 30, the velocity of the 45°. The mass of the crate is crate is constant. Determine the acceleration of the crate when θ 5kg. pts)
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