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Question: a body was recovered from a drainage ditch and brought...

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A body was recovered from a drainage ditch and brought to the countys Office of the Medical Examiner. Upon examination of the body, the pathologists discovered that the deceased had a hip replacement, and they were able to read the brand (Hipster Manufacturing) and serial number (167482828) for the metal hip socket. The case investigator contacted the company to see if they could tell him anything further about the particular serial number. Hipster Manufacturing stated that the serial number represented a batch of 100 hip replacement parts that were distributed throughout the U.S. at random, each with this same serial number on it. By looking up additional statistics on all hip replacement companies servicing the U.S., the investigator found that at present there are 89,000 hip replacement parts. Therefore, the frequency of the particular part found in the body is 1 of the 100 out of 89,000 present i the U.S., and can be calculated at 100/89,000. Therefore, the probability of having serial #167482828-P(serial # 167482828)s ? Select one: a. 0.01% O) b. 1% О с. 0.001 d. 0.01
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