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A certain enzyme, which is only found in unicorns, catalyzes the synthesis of a growth regulator that affects the magical properties of unicorn horns. The activity of this enzyme is dependent on the protonation state of two ionizable groups that are present in the active site: the enzymes N-terminal amino group and an aspartate residue. Based on biochemical studies, the role of aspartate (pKa 4) appears to be to stabilize a positive charge of a key reaction intermediate, while the N-terminal amino group (pK 6.4) acts as a general acid. The active site is located in a hydrophobic pocket. 4. On the graph below, provide a good sketch of how the activity of this enzyme will vary with pH. HINT: Be sure to clearly plot several well-chosen points on your graph so that the form of the graph is reasonable. Minimally, you must plot points for when each ionizable group is 10%, 50% and 90% ionized. Each of these points can be readily determined from the Henderson-Hasselbach equation.] CO 2 4 10 pH

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