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Question: a compare and contrast the language structures and features used...

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a) Compare and contrast the language structures and features used in Text  one below and Text two below. Explain how these features suit the form and content of each text.






ext four – Extract from a novel

Black Clothes

While I am travelling my customary good humour disappears. I am unable to bear, after quite a short time, the small jolts of travelling. Small things like having my seat changed in an aircraft, as if it really matters. All the seats are going towards the same destination I kept reminding myself yesterday.

I dislike the crowds. I waste energy wondering which sort of crowd is worse, the crowd travelling or the crowd still at the airport. I try to tell myself that these people in the crowd are really the people for whom I am working. The object of my journey is to further my studies and research in the finding of beneficial methods and treatments for the ailments which attack, at some time or other, these people. Mostly the people in a crowd are not thinking of medical attention or of the possibilities of surgery at some time in their lives. For the most part, though most of them will require some sort of treatment at some time or other, they seem unconcerned.

Perhaps my black clothes are partly the cause of uneasiness. The fellow travellers are all in holiday clothes and are laden with brightly coloured plastic bags stuffed with shopping, French perfume in grubby hand-worn packaging, wine glasses with gold edges and stems, boxes of chocolate- covered nuts and enormous bottles of whisky.

My black brief case and black clothes are out of place in the busy airport thronged as it is with families on their way to and from relatives at this time of the year. I have forgotten that people do, in fact, go to places for a holiday. Places which, for me, are simply unavoidable stops during a long journey. Suddenly my life seems confined and narrow in the presence of the pleasure seekers.

Perhaps one of the unexpected aspects of travelling is not wanting to be in the places where I am expected to be. And, on arrival, being impatient to go on to the next place only to discover a repetition of that same impatience.

Parts of the plane are sprayed with anti-freeze. We arrive in a light falling of snow and recollections of ice on pavements and snow freezing on top of ice packing on roads and footpaths. The cold is intense.

Being unable to leave my hotel room is my own wish to remain in the room. I will rest one more day and then make my way into the conference rooms, listen to the papers and deliver my own. The conference is my reason for travelling, after all. How can I work for people, I ask myself, if I seem, like now, to dislike them?

Sometimes life seems to be all worry and suffering and at other times it has dignity. A certain age, work, and a kind of detachment seem to create this dignity. During the years I have been writing less and less in a diary because I began to feel that this writing extended anxiety and unhappiness. Dr Johnson* never wrote his history of melancholy because he feared it would disturb him too much.

Whether things are written down or not they dwell somewhere within and surface unbidden at any time.

from Cabin Fever by Elizabeth Jolley 


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