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A countershaft carrying two V-belt pulleys is shown in the figure. Pulley A receives power from a motor through a belt with the belt tensions shown. The power is transmitted through the shaft and delivered to the belt on pulley B. Assume the belt tension on the loose side at B is 15 percent of the tension on the tight side. The equilibrium speed of the shaft is 300 rpm (a) Determine the tensions in the belt on pulley 300 45 400 45 N 300 N 150 B, assuming the shaft is running at a constant speed 250 dia 300 dia (b) Determine the power transmitted, in units 20 dia. of kW. (c) Find the y and z components of the force at each bearing. Assume the bearings act as simple supports. (d) Draw shear-force and bending-moment Dimensions in millimeters diagrams for the shaft. Make one set for the horizontal plane and another set for the vertical plane. (e) Draw a torque diagram for the shaft. That is, plot the magnitude of the torque along the x-axis (similar to the shear-force plot). (f) Determine the precise location of the critical stress element at the cross section (i.e. specify the radial distance and the angle from the vertical y axis.) along the shaft where the maximum bending moment occurs. Determine the bending stress and the torsional shear stress. Also calculate the principal stresses and the maximum shear stress

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