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Question: a example 21 an ideal rankine cycle see figure 22...

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a) EXAMPLE 2.1 An ideal Rankine cycle (see Figure 2.2) has a throttle state of 2000 psia/1000° F and condenser pressure of 1 psia. Determine the temperatures, pressures, entropies, and enthalpies at the inlets of all components, and compare the thermal efficiency of the cycle with the relevant Carnot efficiency. Neglect pump work. What is the quality of the steam at the turbine exit?

Entropy FIGURE 2.2 Rankine-cycle flow and T-s diagrams.

b) EXAMPLE 2.7"Rework Example 2.1(2000 psia/1000°F/1 psia) with reheat and a closed feedwater heater with extraction from the cold reheat line and FWH condensate throttled to the condenser. Both reheat and extraction are at 200 psia. Assume that the feedwater leaving the FWH is at the temperature of the condensing extraction stream. Draw appropriate T-s and flow diagrams."

c) I want to resolve Example 2.7 with 4% pressure drops in the main steam pass and reheat pass through the steam generator. Make a table comparing your results with those of the example to show the influence of the losses on plant performance. Calculate and display the percentage differences for each parameter. Assume turbine throttle conditions are unchanged.

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