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(a) Figure 2a shows two steel rods and a rigid bar BD. A 50 kN load is applied to the bar. Knowing that the steel rods having Youngs modulus of 200 GPa. Each of the rods AB and CD has a 200 mm2 cross sectional area. Determine (0) the change in length of rod AB and CD (ii) the stress in each rod AB and CD 8 Marks 14 Marks 500 mm 200 mn 0400 50 KN Figure 2a (b) The A-36 steel hollow shaft as shown in Figure 2b is 2m long and has an outer diameter of 50 mm. When it is rotating at 40 rad s, it transmits 25 kW of power from the motor: M to the pump. P. Given that the modulus ofrigidity is 75 GPa. Determine: (i) the smallest thickness of the tube if the allowable shear stress is 80 MPa. 6 Marks 12 Marks (i) the angle oftwist of the shaft

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