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a. Find the force F on gear C b. Calculate the reactions at bearing A. Assume that the reactions act in the central plane of the bearings c. We intend to find the diameter of the shaft where gear C will be assembled (at the keyway). Accordingly, calculate the internal loads internal torque, axial load, and combined bending moment) at a section just to the left of the central cross section of gear C so as to include torque in your calculations. Specify the mean and alternating ter d. Calculate the nominal (ie., not including the stress-concentration factors) mean and alternating stresses in terms of the diameter a. e. First iteration for sizing the shaft Using the Goodman criterion, stress-concentration ded, and using an endurance-strength correction factor kb = 0.85, develop the equation that can be used to calculate d. The equation you provide must be simplified to the maximum extent possible and have constants and d terms only When will it be possible to ignore the axial stress terms in the Goodman equation for part (e), leading to a simpler cubic equation? Consider a range of values of d: 1, 2°, 5, 10, 20 and show when the axial-stress terms become negligible relative to the other terms they are grouped with and can be ignored relative to the other terms for some values of d. f. g. Now solve the full equation developed in e (i.e., without ignoring axial-stress terms) h. Second iteration Calculate the new fatigue stress-concentration factors and endurance strength correction factor kb Using these revised values, provide the most simplified form of the Third iteration Repeat the process in step h - just writing the key parameter value:s and main equation and solving it will be fine. Note the percentage change in d relative to the second-iteration value. (We usually proceed until this change becomes smaller than an acceptable value, for example, 1%. It is not required here) Repeat the process for the step to the left of gear C- the static-stress-concentration factor values from charts e governing equation for d. Solve for d. i. j. teratio Use k. Repeat the process for the retaining-ring grove to the right of gear C - perform two iterations only. Use the values for K from the text book. Using the suggested starting values from the text will be fine 1 Based on your results from i and j, state the diameter of this zone, rounding it to the closest standard value

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