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A) Gliven For the open-loop process: R(s) Gp(s)C(e) H(s) M B) Determine Design the simplest controller (P, PI, PD or PID) capable to meet the required conditions: Gp(s) N/A .5 0 (step) The system has negative feedback and H(s) 1. As part of the process, perform the following steps. Step 1: Justify selection of Gc(s) among the available P, PI, PD or PID controllers. Step 2: Test the angular condition: Gc(s) Gp(s) H(s)k»a-= 180. (2k + 1), for k #0, ±1, Step 3: Test the magnitude condition: IGC(S) Gp(s) H(s)ls-o%,-1 Step 4: Show the system block diagram, including the designed controller Step 5: Use program d pid con.m to show the root locus plot of the new system. Show your name on it. Step 6: Use program d pid_con.m to show the step response. Show your name on it.
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