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Question: a good public relations program manages the firms public image...

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A good public relations program:

  • Manages the firm's public image and its relationship with the public.

  • Is separate from the company's public affairs program to avoid conflicts of interest.

  • Should be primarily reactive, responding to issues as they arise.

  • Is necessary only for highly vulnerable companies.

The public scrutiny following a corporate crisis can have a political, legal, financial, and governmental impact on its business.

a. true

b. false

An organization's public relations programs may vary by country depending on the culture, social mores, or political systems.

  • Stayed about the same.

  • Increased somewhat.

  • Increased dramatically.

  • Decreased.

The way an organization presents itself to its stakeholders is known as the corporate reputation.

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Key employees must be identified in advance of a crisis so that they are ready to address the issue.

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Global businesses that have extended their public relations strategies worldwide should:

  • Ensure that communications with local media take place in the area's native language.

  • Never decentralize their global public relations programs to ensure the company has "one voice."

  • Assume that there is no anti-American sentiment in the countries where they have operations.

  • Ignore local customs and emerging issues in the locations where they operate.

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