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Question: a group of three girls and a boy aged three...

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A group of three girls and a boy aged three to four years are skillfully selecting and
cutting pictures out of magazines and pasting them onto paper at the collage table.
They have been commenting on each other’s work and sharing the magazines and
their ideas. After a while, one of the children says to another child who has cut and
pasted a photo of a boy, ‘That’s yukky. I don’t like boys’. Another child agrees with this
comment and the child who made this selection, says loudly, ‘You’re not my friend’.

If you were the educator working with these children how would you respond or what
would you do next?

Choose at least one of the following four options and justify your reasoning for this choice:
1. Would you ignore the comment because, at this age, children make lots of
comments that they don’t really understand or mean?

2.Would you redirect the child by focusing her attention on her own work?

3.Would you challenge the comments because even at this age, you believe children
have or are forming ideas about difference?

4. Would you comment on how nice you think the child’s picture is because that
reinforces a positive message?

All students to respond to question 5:
5. What learning would you identify if you were assessing this experience?

Discussion Board Task number 2


Read this hand out and in 200 words or more explain why theories regarding child development is important

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