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Question: a homeostasis 1 what is meant by the term homeostasis...

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A.    Homeostasis


1.      What is meant by the term ‘homeostasis’?







2.      What are four factors that can affect homeostatic balance in the human body?






3.      Name two (2) conditions caused by homeostatic imbalance.




4.      Below is a list of mechanisms the body uses to control its temperature (thermoregulation). For each one, briefly describe the process and whether it lowers or increases the body’s temperature.




Lower or Increase Temperature














5.      To achieve water balance in the body, what mechanisms are used to achieve an increase or decrease in body water











6.      Briefly explain each of the following terms related to a blood pH imbalance.




Respiratory acidosis


Metabolic acidosis


Respiratory alkalosis


Metabolic alkalosis



7.      Identify what waste products each of following eliminates from the body






Respiratory System


Digestive System





8.      Describe three ways that the body can control blood pressure.






9.      For each of the following, describe how they protect the human body from infection.


Body part

How it protects the human body from infection



Mucous membranes


White blood cells



10.   Identify three ways in which physical activity (active and passive) benefits the human body?








B.    Maintaining a healthy body


1.              List four different strategies that may help to prevent non-insulin dependent diabetes.






2.              Describe how smoking may affect the following body systems.


a)    Respiratory system


b)    Cardiovascular system


c)     Nervous system




3.              Define three (3) examples of a poor diet and describe what effect they may have on a healthy body.





4.     Name three (3) long-term effects on the body from excessive consumption of alcohol.






P.     Case Studies


1.       Case Study 1


Mr Taylor is patiently waiting for you out the front of his house, when you arrive to pick him up at 9am to go to the beach for a day outing. Mr Taylor is always proper, and you notice he is dressed in dark corduroy trousers, a pressed shirt, tie and a dark heavy wool sports jacket. It is a summer day and the temperature is already 270C.


What are the possible problems associated with this scenario?







What body systems may be affected?









2.       Case Study 2


You observe that your patient is experiencing chest pains, is sweaty and has difficulty breathing.


What body systems may be affected?









3.       Case Study 3


Identify what body systems are affected when a patient has a cold.






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