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a) How many words can be stored in a RAM with a 16-bit word size and a total capacity of 4096 bits; and how many address lines are needed to address this SRAM? Words Address lines: b) For a RAM with 256 words, what decoder sizes are needed for Conventional decoding: c) What is the difference between SRAM and DRAM? Coincidental decoding SRAM: DRAM: d) Define the terms propagation and contamination delays in a combinational circuit. inae) llustrate the setup time T and hold time Th with a waveform for input signal D relative to the clock signal Clk. Assuming negative edge triggered cloclk. Clk f What is the essential difference between a synchronous and asynchronous counter? g) Explain the difference between the Mealy and the Moore FSM: Mealy FSM Moore FSM:h) How many D flip-flops are needed to implement and FSM with five states? Mealy FSM: i) In a short sentence explain the operation of a T flipflop and sketch its symbol. Moore FSM j) Draw a block-level diagram of a 4-bit shifter that shifts to the left.

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