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Question: a large cubical box edge length l150 m is filled...

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A large, cubical box (edge length L=1.50 m) is filled with spare parts such that its center of mass is located at height h=0.300 m above its geometrical center, as represented by the black dot in the simulation (linked below). The crate is located on a surface with adjustable inclination θ measured from the horizontal. When θ=0°, the box sits in a condition of static equilibrium and two vertical forces act on the box: the force due to gravity F→g, and the normal force from the surface F→N. In order to satisfy Fnet,y=0, the two forces must have equal magnitudes, |F→N|=|F→g|. In order to satisfy τnet=0, the effective point of application of the normal force is vertically beneath the center of mass, as shown in the simulation.

Question 2 Did you employ the requirement that the net torque on the box about any point must equal zero? Did you try computi

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