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Question: a let p refer to the price and q the...

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Let P refer to the price and Q the quantity of a particular good. Find the equilibrium quantity of the good:

S: Q = 38P

D: Q = -35P + 1270

No units are required for this question

b)An electronics store purchases a type of external hard drive for $199.91. Expenses are 14% of the cost and the required profit is 44% of the selling price. During an inventory sale these external hard drives were marked down by 12%. What is the sale price of the hard drives? Give your answer rounded to 2 decimal places

c)Cyclepath has a new giant cypress dx for a list price of $487.68. They want to make a profit of 13% on the selling price and overhead is 16% of the cost. They receive a trade discount of 40% from the distributor. What is the profit for the cypress bikes?

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