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Question: a millimeter interval and a centimeter interval are shown on...

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A millimeter interval and a centimeter interval are shown on the photograph of a meter stick below. Complete the following parts a j based upon the photographs below 4. of the indicated lettered positions in the units shown below LETTERED READING FROM EXPRESSED POSITION PHOTOGRAPH EQUIVALENT A mm cm B C dm h. Measure the vertical length of this page a. How many millimeters are equivalent to in centimeters and express the length in the equivalents shown below a centimeter? b, Express the interval or distance from the m, end of the meter stick in millimeters and centimeters to the arrow labeled A on the i. Which of the above units, expressing the otograph above. length of this page is most appropriate? Explain why c. Based on the photograph above of a meter j. Below are photographs of some common stick, why is it more accurate to make measurements from a given point on the meter stick rather than from the end of the meter stick or ruler? everyday objects. Estimate the largest dimension of the object based upon your everyday experience. Check the guess- timate using a ruler and measuring the actual dimension. Place your answers below each photograph d. Arrow B above indicates 46 mm, which is the same as 4 centimeters plus 6/10 (0.6) of another centimeter. The reading, there- fore, can be expressed as 46 mm or 4.6 em, what is the amount shown by arrow C above expressed in mm and em? cm Estimated e. Express the length of the line below to the dimensioncm dimension Actual nearest tenth of a centimeter. Actual f. The photograph below shows a portion of a meter stick with the number 60 indicating 60 centimeters from the end which is to the left. What is the 60 em reading equivalent to expresses in mm. 6 7 8 9 601 23 Estimsted dimension cm dimension g. Based upon the portion of the meter stick shown above in part f, express the readings

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