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A mixture of 80 mole% methane (CH4) and 20 mole% carbon dioxide at 105 Pa and 300 K has a volume flow rate of 998 m3h~1. Convert the volume flow rate in m3h-1 to a mass flow rate in kg day1 I. (a) [5 marks] One mole of an ideal gas initially at a temperature of 30°C and a pressure of 100 kPa undergoes the following reversible steps in a closed system. The gas is first compressed adiabatically to 500 kPa, then cooled at a constant pressure of 500 kPa back to 30°C and finally undergoes an isothermal expansion to its original state (j) Sketch the pressure - volume diagram for this process [5 marks] (ii) Calculate the heat transferred Q and the work done W for each step and the net values for the cycle [15 marks] Data Heat capacity at constant pressure Cp - -R Heat capacity at constant volume CvR The relationship between temperature and pressure for an adiabatic process is givern Y-2 P2 where Tabsolute temperature, P -pressure and y the adiabatic specific heat ratio

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