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Question: a pete rose visits a horse track and bets on...

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A. Pete Rose visits a horse track and bets on a race that is 8.9 furlongs long. What is its length in meters?

Hint:This is the link for what a "Furlong" is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FFF_system

B. What is the length of the racetrack in feet?

C. If 5.6 'LBO's = 1 'GBO', and there are 4296 'LBO's in a furlong, what is the race's length in 'GBO's?

Hint: CAREFULLY write out units conversions, including units with all numbers.

D. The area of Ms. Russell's rectangular back yard patio is measured to be 337.4 square feet. What is the area in square meters?

Hint: Conversions are squared with areas.

E. What is the area of Ms. Russell's patio in milli-acres?


Hint #1: See notes for size of an acre.
Hint #2: A milli-acre is 1/1000 of an acre.

F. If one side of Ms. Russell's patio has a length of 3.44 smoots, what is the length of the other side? (smoots)

G. Dr. McCord's drink container is labeled as holding 1.00 liters. What is its volume in cubic inches?

Hint: Convert liters to cubic centimeters: 1 Liter = 1000 Cubic Centimeters

H. Dr. McCord measures the diameter of her drink container to be 3.6 inches. Assuming that her container is a perfect cylinder, what is the height of the liquid in inches when it is holding 1.00 liters?


Hint #1: Volume of cylinder is the cross-sectional area times the height.
Hint #2: Cross-sectional area of drink container is a circle.

I. Determine the number of radians in 231 degrees.

J. A roof has a 5:12 pitch. Determine the run in feet if the rise is 3 ft 9 inches.

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