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Question: a piece of heattreated steel is brinell hardness tested using...

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A piece of heat-treated steel is Brinell hardness tested using a 10mm ball at 3000kg for 10 seconds. The resulting impression is 4.08 mm in diameter. Based upon the calculated BHN, what is the calculated estimate of the materials tensile strength? POSSIBLE ANSWERS 110,000 psi с 463.300 psi c 18,300 psi 88,000 psi

A two pound weight used for balancing a lathe fixture is located one foot away from the center of rotation of the fixture. If the fixture is rotating at 2,800 rpm, and the weight comes loose and flies off, at what speed will it travel at the moment of release? POSSIBLE ANSWERS 100 mph 320 mph С 200 mph с 50 mph

Calculate the economic order quantity (EOQ) for a product that has an annual usage of 10,000, setup and order costs of $100, a unit cost of $20, and an interest and storage cost of 12%. POSSIBLE ANSWERS 29 289 С 913 91 In a three dimensional environment, how many independent movements completely describe the motion of the body? EANSWERS When an out-of-control situation is shown on a control chart, conditions to look for include: POSSMLE ANSWERS loose component tolerances C number of units defective on the chart C changes in the process environment dispersion values more or less than zero Which of the following is the most adjustable type of chuck? POSSIBLE ANSWERS C Scroll C Diaphragm Collet C Power

Which of the following is NOT an example of a 3-D CAD model? POSSIBLE ANSWERS Surface Geometric C Wireframe C Solid The cycle time (in seconds) for a worker to operate a process was measured 10 times with the following results: 8.2, 7.8, 9.5, 8.3, 7.7, 8.0, 7.9, 8.1, 9.2, 8.8. A work measurement analyst determined that the standard time should be calculated using a 90% rating factor to compensate for the typical worker who would operate the process, and a 15% allowance for external effects on the process. What is the resulting standard time for the process? POSSIBLE ANSWERS С 6.39 seconds c 7.81 seconds 8.64 seconds 10.56 seconds If $500 is borrowed for three years at 5% simple interest, what will be the total amount owed to the lender? POSSIBLE ANSWERS: С 525 С 6255 С 575 С 579.31 What is the approximate speed that should be used for turning a 2 diameter piece of annealed 303 stainless steel using a coated carbide cutting tool? POSSWALE ANSWERS С 1900 rpm 2500 rpm С 1250 rpm С 650 rpm

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