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A plane layer of coal of thickness L-1 m experiences uniform volumetric generation at a rate of q = 20 w/m3 due to slow oxidation of the coal particles. Averaged over a daily period, the top surface of the layer transfers heat by convection to ambient air for which h-5 w/m2 K and Ta-25°C, while receiving solar irradiation în the amount Gs = 400 W/m2. Irradiation from the atmosphere may be neglected. The solar absorptivity and emissivity of the surface are each as- £-0.95. (20 points) Amblent al -Coal (a) Write the steady-state form of the heat diffusion equation for the layer of coal. Verify that this equation is satisfied by a temperature distribution of the form ารู้(15) 2k L2 From this distribution, what can you say about conditions at the bottom surface (x- 0)? Sketch the temperature distribution and label key features.(b) Obtain an expression for the rate of heat transfer by conduction per unit area at x - L. Applying an energy balance to a control surface about the top surface of the sion for Ts. Evalu conditions.

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