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A polyamide flat-belt drive system is being considered for a small compressor. The specifications are as follows: Input motor shaft speed (at the driver pulley3000 rpm .Shaft speed (at the driven 1200 rpm . Driver pulley size-410 (and of width to be determined from the solution to the current problem) Power to be transmitted-4 hp Center line distance between the two pulleys 36 Slight excursions from nominal load are expected due to vibrations and shock loading Select a flat belt for this application, using a service factor of 1.1 for excursions from the nominal load and a design factor of 1.1 for other exigencies. Design to achieve the smallest belt width possible Provide the following as your dsin deliverables Material of the belt (already given) Belt class Belt width Belt thickness Pulley width, assuming the pulley width to be 1.25 times the width of the belt. .Assembled length Initial (assembly) tension Unstretched length, assuming a belt stiffness of 1 kip/in and that tension will not drop with time. Provide the assembly elongation as a percentage of the unstrotched length Rounding of values to standard values is not required for this assignment
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