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A pot of beef stew is being heated on a stove. Assume that the stove conveys a constant heat flow Q into the pot. In the meantime, the pot dissipates heat into the ambient environment through convection in the form of h(T T), where h is the heat transfer coefficient and Too is the temperature of the ambient environment. The temperature of the pot is governed by 5. de dt Here θ is the difference between the current temp of the pot and that ambient temperature (T To), C is the heat capacitance of the pot depending on the specific heat and volume of the pot, etc. Assume that C, h, and Q are constants, answer the following questions. (You can assume the pot starts at ambient temperature at t0) a) What is the time constant of the pot? b) What is the steady-state relative temperature 6o of the pot? c) Solve the differential equation to find (t) d) Determine the time it takes to increase the relative temperature from O to θο

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